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Your Fertility Journey

Having a baby has become increasing difficult, and the journey is different for everyone. Access to a thoughtful and knowledgeable guide to support you can make all the difference in the world.

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We want to be there for you!

Not only can the process cost tens to hundreds of thousands dollars, but the mental and physical strains that weight on you and your partner, can be debilitating.

 You are not alone on this journey. From helping to reduce stress, alleviating your fears, giving you the mental support in knowing you are not alone in this, and letting you know all the little things you could be doing to increase your chances are just the start.

Samantha, our consultant and a mother of two, has been helping women and couples on their journeys for years. Having an appreciation and understanding of both eastern and western medicine methods, she started by helping friends and family that were having difficulty achieving and maintaining pregnancy. Owning a Fertility Acupuncture clinic for the last three years, and working with her sis-n-law Kimbrell they have been able to provide knowledge and insight concerning some of the most intimate conversations about fertility and reproductive medicine. 

We understand what a personal and often private journey this is. Often people don't even share with family and friends what they are going through. Your secret is safe with us! We look forward to being there for you and your family!

Contact us today, and lets get started!

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With so many options at any point in your journey, it can be overwhelming and beyond stressful to know which directions you should go to find effective results.

We're here to help with everything from A-Z!

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First 15 minute consultation is Free

Life Coach fee - $75  / 50 min session

Schedule a Private Zoom Session with us! The first 15 minute consultation is for Free. Find out if were a good fit to support you on your personal journey. Whether it's your own personal life journey, wanting to start a family, or making sure you're empowered and in the know in your elder years, we are here for you to support your journey.

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