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Bath & Body Bliss

Woman relaxing in healing Hot Bath with Omalani Magnesium Milk Honey CBD Dead Sea Bladderwrack CBD Bath Soak and Bath Salt

Seas the Day

Indulge in the timeless luxury of a sensational cold plunge or a soothing hot bath.

Create the bath of your dreams and indulge!

Many people overlook the benefits of taking a cold plunge or hot bath as a simple and customizable self-care practice. However, you can take your relaxation and rejuvenation experience to the next level by adding bath soaks, salts, and body scrubs. These products are infused with essential minerals that can improve your health and provide a luxurious way to pamper yourself.

Omalani Milk andHoney Bath Salts perfect way to relax

Cold Plunge or a Hot Bath?...

Our soaks are perfect for both, but don't miss out on adding these mineral-rich powerhouses to your cold plunge!

Our bodies are mostly water, making topical products effective for self-care.

Dead Sea Bladderwrack Bath Soak
Pure Bliss Magnesium Bath Soak
Omalani Candles & Plants it's a lifestyle

It's time for a relaxing hot bath! Add these mineral-rich bath salts to create the perfect ambiance. Play some chill music, light some candles, grab a book, and pour yourself a drink. Lay back, close your eyes, and let your mind wander to its happy place.

Dead Sea Bladderwrack Bath Salts
Magnesium Milk and Honey Bath Salts

Rejuvenate, restore, replenish. YOU deserve it!

Women Friends having fun at the Beach taking in minerals found in Omalani Bath and Body All Natural Formulas

You just enjoyed a decadent soak. Now that you're all soft and relaxed, it's the perfect time to wash the day off using one of our natural scrubs. They are so natural you could taste them. However, we encourage you to save them for the bath to enjoy the benefits of skin rejuvenating and softening.

To exfoliate, use warm shower water to open your pores, gently scrub all over, rinse off, and enjoy baby-soft skin.

Lemon Sugar Cookie Body Scrub
Mint Mocha Cappuccino Body Scrub
Woman rubbing Omalani Pain Cream on her shoulder for pain relief All Natural Formula

Our body butter is the perfect addition to your daily pampering routine. It's a luxurious blend of skin-friendly butter, oils, and essential oils that moisturize your skin and may help with scarring, inflammation, skin allergy issues, and hyperpigmentation.

Tamanu and Magnolia Bark Body Butter
Tallow and Calendula Body Butter
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