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The more you nurture a feeling of loving kindness, the happier and calmer you will be.

- Dalai Lama

Omalani is a family owned and operated business. We've always had a deep appreciation for natural remedies. Our curiosity and passion to provide all natural alternatives to our family, friends, and ourselves lead to the research, development and ultimately crafting of our healing and replenishing formulas. We began creating small batch hand crafted herbal products many years ago to aide with a variety of issues, and continued to add new products to meet others current needs and wants. Now its turned into a full blown passion.

Through this research, we've also learned how important minerals are to our bodies. In many cases, mineral deficiencies can lead to so many different issues and in some cases be mistaken for other illnesses and diseases. So let's address those and open the conversation to your ideas in our members area. We look forward to seeing you there.

Butterflies flying in the flower and garden of Omalani.

Our Happy Place

Choose wisely...

This is all about YOU!

Love the skin you're in!


Since we know that topically our bodies are able to absorb almost  everything, it opens the door for us to be the decision maker on what truly works for us and our path to feeling more like ourselves again.

All-Natural herbs, flowers, and plants ready to be used in Omalani formula blends.

Knowledge is Power, especially when it comes to your health.

From everyday toxins in the air, to products we use or potentially even in things we touch. You've got this one body. Dare to challenge the norm and to question what bothers you. What you put into your body, on your skin, or what you are thinking on any level is ultimately coloring your world. While this doesn't mean we need to walk around in a plastic bubble, it can make us more aware of the choices we make.

Woman applying Omalani Pain Cream on her hurt shoulder.
Omalani team member holding a baby plant in her hand symbolizing new growth with Omalani Lifestyle.

Our mission is to offer amazing products at great prices. Research lead to the discovery, the path to natural health and wellness is often just a dream for many, due to the cost. It's sad that often the affordable options are just a chemical cocktail of ingredients we can't even pronounce.

There's a place for both Eastern and Western medicine, and depending on the circumstance, having cost effective all natural options for safer ways to heal and build your health is one of the greatest freedoms we can ask for. We want to acknowledge and appreciate those beneficial vital nutrients and remedies nature offers to include in our diets, supplements, life, and gardens.

We appreciate you and this wonderful world. Thank you!

Not only are you supporting a local small business, when you shop with us, you are supporting a families dream. As a small business our carbon footprint is very small, and since we handcraft our small batches there is very little waste.

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