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Calming Oil For Pets

Omalani's Calming Oil  for Pets will give your pet a feeling of calm relaxation when in stressful or loud situations. Our pets often are upset over loud noise such as fireworks, separation anxiety or being a little overactive. Our Calming Pet Drops are perfect in the stressful, panic situations but can also be used as a daily dose of wellness


Our Proprietary Blend acts as an all-natural pain reliever with the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety; it also aids in joint pain and repair.


Comes in a convenient 15ml dropper bottle.

Just place it on their tongue or on a plate for them to lick it up, and boy, will they lick the plate clean.

Can be used as needed.


under 5lbs - 1 drop per lb

10lbs and Under - 1/3 Dose

10 - 35lbs - 2/3 Dose

40lbs + Plus - 1 Dose


1 Dropper = 1 Full Dose


Can be adjusted using increments of 1/3 Dose for your Pet's specific needs. Just as our metabolisms are not the same neither are theirs it will be specific to each pet.

Calming Oil for Pets

  • Ingredients:  Grapeseed Oil, Chamomile, Passion Flower with our proprietary blend of EO


    Directions: Easily drop directly into mouth (Do not place glass dropper directly into Pet's mouth). Drops can be administered by placing drops on your hand and allowing your Pet to lick it off.

    Disclaimer: Once you see how your pet responds you will be able to adjust their dosage accordingly

    Avoid eyes. Do not use if they are sensitive to any of the ingredients. May contain nuts, seed products

    Available in: 15 ml. ( 15 g )

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