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Enjoy the benefits of a balanced perspective in your life

It starts with and ends with you!

Omalani believes in supportive communication bridges. Multi racial and gendered group in a hug circle smiling.

Life is full of so many experiences, from amazing to heart wrenching. It can pretty tough to not shrink in a ball, get angry, sad, want to blow up on anything that looks at you sideways, but in the end how big your reaction is can be as unhealthy as healthy. It sure can feel good in the moment but the repercussions of it can make things way tougher than they already were.

Life is a rollercoaster, but our perspective decides how well it will can potentially move in a healthy healing direction. Quality of life is everything and a positive perspective goes so far. No one gets dealt the same hand, yet as humans we share so many experiences and emotions. The beautiful thing about shared emotions and experiences is that we can have a bridge to come together, empathize, learn, and grow together, and feel the benefits of a balanced perspective. That is a blessing, but most of the time that commonality doesn't last or becomes broken. A lot of people don't have a support system, and therefore usually don't feel they deserve that in their other relationships, including new friends, partners, or even a kind exchange with and stranger or acquaintance.

Consideration and communication   

Omalani believes in you finding your tribe. Whether your chosen family or blood. Four guy friends, laughing on a mountain side.

We have been blessed to get a chance to have a family that does work to have each others back. Family is always worth fighting for, but in the end whether its blood or not, family is what you choose, and everyone's needs a tribe or group they can be themselves and feel supported. In exchange you need to be that person for them as well.

People stay forever or for seasons / Benefits of a balanced perspective

Since everyone has had a different upbringing, you never know how much exposure they got to healthy examples of relationships. Even "healthy" relationships can have issues when communication and levels of consideration shift at any point, AND those shifts are completely normal and necessary most of the time. People change and grow. That is always a beautiful thing, especially if it's getting them closer to finding their true happiness, although it can be sad to lose them. Experiencing the benefits of a balanced perspective, allows us to meet so many amazing people in this world, because we now see more than what's just on the surface. You now feel their energy. The best thing to follow, is there is no telling who you'll meet next, and how you will potentially inspire each other in so many ways. People are meant to be in your life for the long run or maybe they were there just for a time. There's always something valuable to gain from any friendship or interaction. Whether it's a new perspective, deeper appreciation, or just a lesson... but one thing not to bring with you is regret. Paying it forward, even if it's just a smile or an acknowledgement. That basic gesture can influence someone's day tremendously and potentially everyone they could come in contact with.

Omalani appreciates uniqueness. Shine bright and be kind to your neighbor.  Four friends multi racial and gendered enjoying the view after successful hike

Shine Baby! Don't close yourself off.


What is promising during these experiences through your different relationships is that you get to learn and grow too. It's not always easy, believe me I know, but as they say, time heals all and this too shall pass. On this path, nothing is more healing than having someone to talk to and be greeted with a warm and open spirit. This is something that is and has always been very important to us. To be that person for people that need that little extra support and room to move towards the next steps on their road to feeling true happiness within themselves.

We want to be there for you too. Reach out for a free introductory call today and find out how we can work together to find your light again. Looking forward to meeting you!

Contact us from the link below and or become a part of our community with Omalani! You're worth it!

Dakota from the Omalani Family. Co-creator and Life Coach

~ Dakota, The Omalani Family

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