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Happy Girl

I can think back to countless amount of times that my perspective on life brought me what I wanted. Even if it was the scenic route, it came to fruition. Alot of times it was in a way I wouldn't of first realized but was even better because the journey to get there gave it my body, more fulfillment. What do you want out of life? What do you believe in? How do we navigate our aspirations in this complex world, especially when constant stimulation from our devices, social norms are widening, and anxiety can find itself regularly and stay at an all time high. We can't shut off and can't slow down enough to do research, to see where and how much misinformation is in all of the things presented to us. If we do take the necessary time, we get anxiety about falling behind on topics. It's beast in itself. Online and access is beautiful and amazing gift and tool to grow, learn, and see injustice but when its corrupted, its comes with a sad reality. Leaving us more tangled inside. Between Covid and access to everything at our fingertips, we continue to be more introverted and tend to have strong social anxiety. 

One way to combat this, is finding the positive perspective in everything possible. Life will always bring Happy and Sadness. That's guaranteed, but it's how we react and continue that makes all the difference in the world. Along with the multitude of options out there to combat these layers of anxiety, let's discuss what appeals to you in the first place.

I will be here to listen and hear you, support and comfort you and leave you super-charged to tackle and be inspired to conquer everything ahead of you to you. You are not alone. Let's get this year finally started in the right direction. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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