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Bath & Body Bliss

Woman relaxing in healing Hot Bath with Omalani Magnesium Milk Honey CBD Dead Sea Bladderwrack CBD Bath Soak and Bath Salt

Seas the Day

It's hard to beat a sensational cold plunge or a hot bath. A delightful treat as old as time.

The simple bath is often one of the most overlooked ways to show yourself some love. Taking a bath is inexpensive and relatively accessible (as long as you have tub, of course). Better yet, baths are customizable and just for you—meaning you don't have to take into account what someone else wants.

Create the bath of your dreams and indulge!

Remember, this is you time and there are ways to elevate this experience to make it the most optimal for your body and mood. From finding the ideal bath timing and water temperature to using bath soaks, salts and body scrubs. If you're a fan of the cold plunge, our liquid soaks are a beautiful addition to your experience as an added bonus. They are equally amazing in a warm bath! Our soaks, scrubs and salts are a luxurious way to add minerals and essentials that are beneficial to our health.

Omalani Dead Sea Bladderwrack CBD Bath Soak All Natural Formula
Omalani Magnesium Milk and Honey CBD Bath Soak All Natural Formula

Cold Plunge or a Hot Bath?... Both are packed with amazing benefits. Especially when you add any of our all-natural healing and rejuvenating bath and body products.

The blissful experience we feel in a bath when we add one of our soaks or salts, makes this delightful time the perfect treat anytime of the day or night.

Add to this wonderful experience, by creating an atmosphere to match. Candles, light music or a book, maybe a glass of wine, cold beer or hot tea and lay back, close your eyes, just let your mind wander to it's happy place.

Considering a high percentage of our body is made up of water and our bodies are very efficient absorbing products topically, why not treat yourself today to an amazing experience your body will thank you for tomorrow.

Woman having a rejuvenating healing mineral soak bath with Omalani Magnesium Milk and Honey CBD Bath Soak All Natural Formula
Omalani Dead Sea Bladderwrack CBD Bath Salts All Natural Formula
Omalani Magnesium Milk and Honey CBD Bath Salts All Natural Formula

Rejuvenate, restore, replenish. YOU deserve it!

Women Friends having fun at the Beach taking in minerals found in Omalani CBD Bath and Body All Natural Formulas

You just enjoyed a decadent soak. Now that we've got you all soft and relaxed. It's the perfect time to wash the day off using one of our natural scrubs. They are so natural you could taste them. Though, we would encourage you to save them for the bath to enjoy the skin rejuvenating and softening benefits.

We have two to choose from. It simply comes down to choosing your favorite, or why not order one of each. I always finish my bath with a quick rinse from the shower. Feeling like after I've soaked I want to do a quick rinse to wash off any residue. It's not necessary, just sharing what I enjoy.

Omalani Lemon Sugar Cookie CBD Body Scrub All Natural Formula
Omalani Mint Mocha Cappuccino CBD Body Scrub All Natural Formula
Woman rubbing Omalani CBD Pain Cream on her shoulder for pain relief All Natural Formula

Let's not forget our body butter! It's the perfect way to finish your pampering session. Used daily in our body loving routine, our sensational body butter blends combine luxurious skin friendly butters, oils and EO, that not only leave you skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth, but also may help with scarring inflammation, skin allergy issues, and hyper pigmentation.

Omalani Tamanu and Magnolia Bark CBD Body Butter All Natural Formula
Omalani Tallow and Calendula CBD Body Butter All Natural Formula
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